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Performance Address:

Chuanxi Cultural Centre, Osaka, Japan


Performance Time:

3:30 p.m. on February 10th,2018


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship. In order to promote the dancing art on the both international stage and folk communities, Beijing Tianyushiyi International Cultural Development Co., LTD and Japan Ballet Society hosted the wonderful performance to interact with classical dancing art. In this spring, teenagers from these two countries built great friendship by performing their dancing skills and showing their valuable dreams there.


Stage Chapter:

This perform would be regarded as a great chance to learn dancing art further. These innocent teenagers showed that how ballet influenced them and what ballet meant inside their hearts.


Class Chapter:

It has been an increasing fashionable trend for Japanese teenagers to take ballet classes. When having classes, it¨s necessary for them to deal with every details strictly such as every movement and every hair decoration. It shows that what characters students need to dance ballet: carefulness, more attention and detail-focused. While interacting with Japanese teenagers from class to hotel, Chinese students learnt more about how to deal with something beloved with 100 percent attention and higher learning efficiency.

Students from two counties got together all the time, from performing on the stage to taking language classesand they also made great progress in this positive competitive relationship. Everyone tried hard to do better in overcoming language obstacles and gained much achievement. All of them had grown up quickly in a short time.


Teacher Chapter:

A member of some domestic top ballet training institutions sent their famous teachers to this show. Watching Japanese master¨s demonstration lessons had been a wonderful opportunity for these teachers to know ballet further by interacting with each other. During this time, they could also share their teaching experience, discuss typical examples and even talk about the directions of ballet development. They did their best to get ready for the ballet competition in the July, 2018.


Backstage Chapter:

Besides the feelings of performance, these great teachers were touched deeply by Japanese families. Many parents and warm-hearted girls volunteered to offer makeup services for students and cheered them up with enthusiasm, which courage students very much. We confirmed our friendship time after time and we hoped that the relationship would last forever.


Life Chapter:

After class, we arranged many kinds of trips to visit original Japanese tourist attractions, such as Osaka Castle, Instant Noodles Museum and The Deer Park. By travelling, we had too much fun and broadened children¨s horizon. When doing the travel preparation, we required all these students to know about local culture and something forbidden. What made us surprised and glad is they learnt to do things on their own consciously and volunteered to support other classmates. In the end, they all experienced a member of fresh things without their parents¨ company even though they were just from 5 years old to 12 years old.

 This chance to communicate with other countries¨ students was valuable for them to realize that this world isn¨t seems like what they learnt from books. They got wonderful experiences by watching and feeling in person. After getting back to China, it¨s reasonable to believe that they would combine these unique experiences with ballet naturally and reach higher state of art.


Award Chapter:

The main purpose of this project is that teenagers from China and Japan can stand on a wider international stage and be able to promote their abilities by competing with each other. In addition, we also hope that they can know further about their potential and enlarge their blueprints of life after communicating with professional masters. If it makes sense, that will be the most valuable result we are proud of.

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